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ZENDAI MOMA, Shanghai, Intrude Art & Life 366 Project participation:

On march 13th at Shanghai downtown two of my animation videos have been shown on viewing screens in public spaces, e.g. subway stations and big places.
They are about the demolition and rebuilding of citysites and meet by this issue the experience of the passing by people who see their city changing nearly every day.

My purpose has been chosen by the curators of the project, which is hosted by the Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai. The project is projected for a period of one year. Every day a different artist´s work is presented to the public. 100 of the participating artists are china based, 266 are from around the world.

BORDER PROJECT, Tblisi, Georgia, taking place November 2008

The video animation "SMALL NOTHING" will be shown at the project´s presentation in november 2008. The video brings up a new aspect of project´s issue "border" in showing how fantasy blurrs borders between past and present in mind.

The video animation is made up of old postcards with images from big German towns about the turn of century (19th to 20th century), combined with animated clouds drifting by. There is a music running which reminds us to the circus show of our childhood, one music theme repeated endlessly.

The idea of this animation video is to make visible the border between fantasy, the past (our childhood, our wishes to return to the probably better past) and the reality of the present.

There are 4 sequences in the animation video.
The first sequence shows the Hofburg in Vienna under changing sunlight and drifting clouds. This stands for the present. The second film shows an old postcard from a famous lakeside in Hamburg, called the Alster. This place, although it is obviously an image from an old postcard, is under sunrays influences as well. The third film shows 19th century people in a djungle, having a picnic. No one moves but clouds do.
The landscape shown is becoming more fantastic every time a new film sequence starts. The final film part shows again the scenery from the lake Alster. But this time the lake is reset by clouds. The clouds are everywhere but only a small part still resists them, protecting the visitors looking around. The visitors represents us observing the ways of fantasy.

URBAN IDENTITY, video art & architecture event at ART EXPO international, Los Angeles, USA
August 14th-16th 2008

The short animation video SANTIAGO CAPRICCIO will be shown on Art Expo´s URBAN IDENTITY, video art & architectural event in the Gallery Row area, downtown LA, august 14th-16th, 2008.

The selected work deals with the ideas behind the architectural surface and its infrastructural needs. It shows by moving the facade of Santiago de Compostela´s cathedral the liquidity of human believes. As much as stone is washed away by the time, ideas erode.

EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 08, Totalkunst Gallery, 8th- 31st of august

The Totalkunst Gallery curators have chosen my video LOST CITY to present in their exhibition rooms during the Edinburgh Festival this year.

LOST CITY short belongs to a collection of video shorts which deal with philosophical questions. The collection QUESTIONS BIGGER THAN LIFE is characterized by films having a pretitle section and an animated or real shot section. Both parts of every film are presented with a sounddesign, constructed by PETER KASTNER.

Commonly the text part put a thought in question and the image/video part answers to the thought-in-question. Its a technic used in Barock age, which is called Emblemata, working with the synergy produced by two different medias bind together to one issue.

LOST CITY´s text part suppose the idea of an psychidelic cityscape answering to the emotions of its citizen or a visitor. If there is anxiety in visitor´s mind, the city enlarges.
The video part shows a digital manipulated street scenery of a brickstone lane and a parksidelike surrounding through which the spectator is driven. The images are underlyed with a driving horroresk laughter.

LOST CITY film is about 5 minutes.


The German Institut for Animation Films, Dresden, adds my film collection "QUESTIONS BIGGER THAN LIFE" to its collection.

The QUESTIONS BIGGER THAN LIFE suite consists of the five films THE 4TH TIME, THE CITY BEYOND THE FUTURE, THE 100,000th JOURNEY, LOST CITY, THE PLACE OF SAFETY. All of these films are dealing with philosophical approaches to life´s borders. All films are parted into a pretitle text and a mostly animated part. All films are provided with a sound design by Peter Kastner (

The Institut dedicates its work to conserve the GDR film heritage. A second institut´s goal is building up a collection of nowaday avantgardistic artistic animation films.