Claudia Okonek - Atelier Okonek


Kunst am Bau, Projekt von 2004 bis 2009 in Tokyo und Hokkaido.
In Zusammenarbeit mit
Kume Sekkei Co. Ltd., Tokyo und
Town Art Co, Ltd., Tokyo

Title of art work: Shiki no inochi

Four seasons. This work is the result of four years of intensive research, travel and creative development, working to bring the light and colour of Hokkaido to this excellent architecture.
We must remain open to all such beauty and take care of it, conscious that nature is forever reflecting ourselves.

art work information:

dimension: 28 m x 4 m
weight: 3150 kg
parts: 180 acrylic panels
material: acrylic, multi media

4 years of work
travel to make research and photographs in Hokkaido,
two trips, total distance 3,532.9km
final footage for the art work: 62 photographs

client: Katsushige Warachi, Nissay, Nippon Life Insurance Company, Tokyo
principal architect: Yoshihiko Kuwahara,
Kume Sekkei Co. Ltd., Tokyo
artist: Claudia Okonek, Berlin
production: Town Art Co., Ltd., Tokyo

work started: 2004
work ended April 2009

developed in Berlin and Tokyo
produced in Tokyo
installed in Sapporo