Erika Matsunami - EM

Postfach 36 03 29
10973 Berlin

+49 160 99131935 [mobil]

Bildende Künstlerin
Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin, Deutschland

Erika Matsunami * 1963 in Hiroshima, Japan, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She studied at the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany. She is an artist creating transdisciplinary works and projects. She works in a wide range of media, which include installation, sound, video, photography, mixed media and performance.

She transforms autobiographical experiences and motives from her social environment into an artistic context and creates projects with different media.
Her works comprise a spectrum of both themes and media that spans from sculpture and photography by way of video and performance art all the way to mixed-media installations. Among these works, one of the most prominent is the serial project “still/silent” that is documented here for the period from 2007 through 2010 and subsequently the series B.O.D.Y. which has been emerged and developing since 2000. By structurally inscribing her work with a re-contextualization of space-times and media, she has it refer and point to the potentiality of the identity creating function of remembering. The spatial transfer that is programmatically expressed in the choice of diverging venues of performance, thus intuitively becomes the transformation in the sense of the experiment in medium and memory.

Here are some examples of her project as well as photography, video, installation and oeuvre: sensation of motion in time, deflection, transformation, still/silent, B.O.D.Y., B.O.D.Y. - hidden codes, B.O.D.Y. - 月を慕ふ tuski o shita(f)u, Les coloris, sans plus, existence of risk - 1964, I-ARUIWA, re/cycle - "I'm also there", B.O.D.Y. - そして、それから_et ainsi de suite.

A few examples of participating festival as well as exhibition:
VAD International Video and Digital Arts Festival, Girona, Spain, Media Art Friesland Festival, the Netherlands, Experimental Film and Video Festival EXIS, Seoul. South Korea, Instants Video Festival, Marseille, France, transmediale, Berlin, Germany, Re-Imagining Asia, the House of World Cultures, Berlin, Germany